Jordan Cummins

Sligo Wedding, Event and Family Photographer

Hi there,

I'm a photographer based in Sligo but happy to work country wide. Weddings and family events are my main focus and my laid back, relaxed documentary style will perfectly capture your special moment on camera. I have a sense of adventure and exploration, and the broad compass of my work reflects that.

On a personal side I love landscape and night photography. There is a buzz from being out in the middle of nowhere capturing the beauty of the landscape or the immense galaxy above. I think I'm one of the few people that look forward to the evenings closing in so I can get out and shoot the night sky at a reasonable hour. Share some night skies with me here.

I picked up my first DSLR in 2011 after years of using 'point and shoots' that I would eventually break or lose... Once I got my "Big" camera I was hooked and spent hours reading, watching, learning and developing my craft but I am always looking for new things to learn and better ways to shoot.

Check out my portfolio here.

If you have any questions about my work or if you would like to make a booking please contact me above.

Thank you for visiting.


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