A Walk Up Knocknarea

A walk up the “Hill”

We ventured up the Queen Maeve Trail last month and in my opinion “trail” is used as a very loose term… LOL! The weather was perfect; broken sunshine and a nice cool breeze but I don’t think I was prepared for the very steep incline at the start of the route. Fitness wise, I’m not in the best of shape and still recovering from a lower back problem so getting to the first and second gate took a bit more effort than expected.

However, all moaning aside the views are incredible. From the first look out point with a panoramic view taking in Mayo, Sligo and all the way to Donegal. The next part of the trail takes you through the woods with wooden steps assisting you to the top of the mountain.

Reaching the top felt like an achievement but others will fly up with out breaking a sweat… When you get there,  look around and take in the beauty we have here on our doorstep...It's unbelievable ! The wind would nearly take you off your feet up here but it didn’t stop one or two shooting a few selfies.

The walk down was a lot easier and more fun ! I’ve heard some complaints about the studs in the boards but I think they help, especially on the way down as some of the drops are quite steep so keeping on the boards is essential.

The trail is something we all can be proud of and we should be shouting about it at every chance we get ! I think I will have to make a night time excursion to one of the look out points at some stage this winter…


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