Debbie & Glenn - Wedding Day

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With a few twists and turns along the way Glenn and Debbie’s big day finally landed. I met Debbie and her gang in Carney where the house was buzzing with all the prep for the day ahead; make up, hair, dress, flowers, etc all in full flow. Everyone chipping in to get the day off on the right foot and wasn't short of a little emotion.

I left the girls as they did the final touches and made my way to Glenn's parents house enroute to Castle Dargan, Ballygalwey, Sligo. Glenn was a little nervous as he was suiting up which is to be expected with the months of planning all coming together. The lads house was somewhat more laid back, a good buzz about but not as busy as the girls. A glass or two champagne were in order before we all left for the venue.

The Coach House Lounge in Castle Dargan is the perfect place for an intimate wedding like this. Everyone really felt like they were part of the ceremony. A beautiful touch by Glenn walking half way down the aisle to meet Debbie definitely pulled at a few heart strings. The weather kept us inside but the Castle Dargan House provided a lovely backdrop for the any  occasion. I make sure not to take the newlyweds away for too long so they have a chance to relax with their family and friends before dinner. I mingled with guests for some candid photos before we headed for dinner.

Growing up with Glenn and Debbie it was great to be a part of their day and celebrate the occasion with them. I wish you both a long and happy marriage together !


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