My Aurora Experience

This week has been one of the maddest I've had as a photographer. It started off quite normally with prepping for Paddy's Day parade, checking the weather, getting the kids decked out in green, etc. A few photos of the parade and the Sligo All Stars cake sale can be found here.

Afterwards we went to my parents house as it was my Mum's birthday (Happy Birthday Mum!!!) and I started to get updates that the Aurora's KP was hitting 7 and 8 at 4 o'clock. A KP rating of 5 is needed for the Aurora to be seen in Donegal/north Sligo so between 7-8 is huge. Looking out the window, it had gotten cloudy and dull so I thought there wasn't a chance of the weather breaking. Got home about 9 and with the kids in bed I tentatively looked out the window hoping the cloud had cleared was still very dull. I looked at Christine (my wife) and she just said "GO!".

I got changed, packed up my gear and headed to Easkey. Why Easkey? I had two reasons in my head, (1) light pollution i.e. very little street lights in the area so darker skies for brighter stars/aurora and (2) Easkey is that little bit further west so it juts out a little bit further. So, in my head anyways, I was going to get a better angle to look north when the Aurora was coming from.

Landed there about 10.30pm and there was a number of photographers and a family or two there in awe of what was happening above our heads. The northern lights were just beginning to dance and by 11pm it was in full swing, spiralling across the sky in beautiful greens, purples with what I can only describe as shafts or beams of white light shooting into the sky. The KP level hit 11 which hasn't been seen since 2003. It was an unbelievable experience and something I will never forget.

On a number of occasions I've tried to capture the northern lights but between weather or being tied up with other things, my luck was never in but everything came together on Tuesday for a spectacular night. The weather, dark skies and the kick from my wife to "GO !!".

The response to my photos has been amazing. Over 1000 likes and hundreds of comments and shares. I'm completely blown away by the reaction. Emails, telephone calls, being stopped in the street and even newspapers looking to do a piece on me and the photos.

* * * * Prints Now Available. After the huge response to the Aurora photos I am doing a limited run of 50 prints of each of the three images below detailed in the image below.

These are available to order now in the following sizes: - 16x10 inch signed mounted prints of No1 or No2 available at €50 each. - 8x12 inch signed mounted print of No3 available for €35.

Drop me a message or email me at to place an order. * * * * 


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