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I met Shirley & Rob back in May for an engagement shoot in Strandhill and because of the good old Irish summer it meant we had to shelter from the rain for 15 minutes. This was great as we got to know each other which made things a whole lot easier on the wedding day. The more weddings I do the more I encourage an engagement/pre-wedding shoot as an excellent opportunity to meet without all the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. It also helps the bride and groom be more relaxed in front of the camera and with me on the day.  

On the morning of wedding the weather was just perfect; warm, sunny with a only a speckle of cloud in the sky, ideal for outdoor photos. Hair (Costello Bridal Hair) and makeup (Michelle Anderson Makeup)  was in full swing when I reached Shirley’s home house. I got to work capturing the finer details involved in the day while snapping the atmosphere of the morning. Both Mum and the bridesmaids were helping Shirley with her dress while her Dad was driving up the village in his vintage Ford Anglia with Dukes of Hazzard air horn blasting out the car.

I left the girls to meet the lads outside the church. Rob was a little nervous but ready for the day. After a lovely ceremony by Fr Gavigan in St Aidan’s Church in Monasteraden,  we headed to Rosses Point for the bridal and group shots. All was going swimmingly until the rain clouds came over and we had to make a run for it...but I think we all seen the funny side of it.

The reception was held in the lovely Radisson Blu, Sligo with Mick and Brian from assisting with the décor of the room and surroundings. At that stage I let Shirley and Rob mingle while I shot some candid photos of friends and family before dinner was called.

Thanks Shirley and Rob for letting be apart of your day. It was an honour and I hope you have a long and happy marriage together.


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